Towards the FP6 websiteProject selected within the "Global change and ecosystems" priority of the 6th Framework Program for European Research.
The European funding of the project will cover the operating expenses of the network (travels, tool development, scholarships, etc.) for a 48-month period.





TWINBASIN INITIATIVE:           Twinning project between the two largest river basins in the World -           Amazonia & Congo

Mission report M1


4th Webconference :  IWM Performance Indicators  -     January  2008


Projects 2006 & 2007



Promoting Twinning of River Basins for Developing Integrated Water Resources Management Practices


TwinBasin Community

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Guidelines of Twinbasin Experience

 We thank all Twinbasin partners for the participation and the sharing of experience with us.


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TWINBASIN supports research and development in the field of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) by promoting twinning of Basin Organisations (BOs).

TWINBASIN Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is open for signature for all public and private organisations that share its aims and objectives and are willing to contribute to the work in Europe and Third Countries.



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